About me

Welcome! I'm Emmelie, a designer and illustrator living in Stockholm. Currently studying graphic design and advertisement at Forsbergs school of design.


My Story

I was born in 1995 in northern Sweden. For as long as I can remember I have always expressed myself visually, whether that would be through painting, clay, photo or drawing. Ever since I studied at Art school I knew I had to work with something creative. Today I live in Stockholm and study the funniest and hardest thing I know - Design.

My experience

Priority Group Design intern 2021
We are Local Creative intern 2021

Forsbergs school 2020-2022

Certified visual merchandiser 2017-2018

Sundsvall school of visual art 2015-2017


My values

I believe in hard work. To trust my creativity and at the same time always question it. To explore new areas in design and get inspired by other people in the industry. And I always allow myself to grow and to be open-minded to critics, challenges, and people I work with.